Securing The JAMS Installation


Security settings within JAMS are applied at the Folder definition level. Jobs and Setups that belong to the Folder can be defined to inherit these permissions based upon the "Enable Inheritance" drop-down specifications.


Here, Windows Users or Groups can be defined and granted specific permissions:


The permission details are documented here:
Folder Properties

In order for a JAMS GUI Client to connect, the connecting user account must also have Execute permissions within the Server ACL.
Setting ACLs


The Access Control pull-down from the Ribbon Bar allows users to have limited or elevated permissions to the JAMS Client GUI and Server.



Global access throughout the JAMS GUI can be granted from one of two Configuration values, GrantAdministratorsBypass and GrantBypassGroup.

GrantAdministratorsBypass is utilized to automatically allow any Active Directory Administrator full access to the client - this is often times changed to False and an Administrative group (i.e CORP\JAMSAdmins) is supplied within the GrantBypassGroup setting. This ensures that only users defined within this group, are given full rights within the JAMS Client.

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