Configuring a Custom Monitor View


A Custom Monitor can easily be created within JAMS to allow for a larger group of detailed information to be displayed, all within a single view. 

  1. Start by creating a new shortcut on the Shortcut Bar: Right click in an open space in the Shortcut Bar under one of the groups, or even create a custom group by selecting the "Add Group" menu-item.

     2.  Customize the title and icon of the shortcut. 


     3.  Choose the views desired for your custom shortcut. In order to have multiple Monitor views tied to one shortcut, duplicate the process by choosing the Monitor View for each view to be added. Each view can be customized to display separate information. 

The fields Displayed below have individual options that can be customized. When the custom Monitor shortcut is viewed, it will display the information set here in each view. Each view will then be contained within its own tab.


     4.  Confirm the views added in the previous step, and click finish.


     5.  Upon clicking Finish, the shortcut will appear on the left and the views will appear in individual tabs at the bottom of the view as shown. These tabs can be long-clicked and dragged around the view for alternate placement.

Upon exiting out of the client, all custom settings will be saved. Each view can be customized with its own filter, columns, etc.

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