Moving the JAMS Scheduler in JAMS V6.x


When moving the JAMS Scheduler to a new server, the first step is to submit a request for a new licence. When submitting this request, be sure to include the new server name and the name of the server being replaced.

From there, it is necessary to consider the SQL database location used by JAMS. Is the SQL server database remaining in the same location? If not, follow the instruction in this article:

If the database will remain in the same location, the steps are very similar to a failover engine installation (only without the creation of a Failover.config file):

1. Install the JAMS application on the new server and point it to the existing JAMS database. Ensure that no other scheduler currently is connected to the database during this time.

2. Permissions must be granted to the database for the new scheduler. From the Failover Installation article above, follow step 9. This involves running the query found below on the JAMS database to allow the new schedulers' services to connect to the database. In this case JAMSMachine2 can be any label you wish. Change the YourDomain and YourMachineName, the dollar sign is a necessary part of the login name.

Note: This step is only necessary if your JAMS Scheduler and JAMS Server services were running as Local System on the old scheduler. If they were running as a domain account, then this step is not necessary, and you will need to follow this article on how to change the account running the JAMS Services. The section under "Database Security Requirements" can be omitted, since the database already has the provisions for the domain account to have access.

exec sp_grantlogin @loginame='YourDomain\YourMachineName$'
exec sp_grantdbaccess @loginame='YourDomain\YourMachineName$', @name_in_db='JAMSMachine2' 
exec sp_addrolemember @rolename='JAMSApp', @membername='JAMSMachine2'

3. Apply the new license key that you received from your license request. The default location is C:\program files\mvpsi\JAMS\Scheduler.

4. Start the JAMS Services on the new scheduler.

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