JAMS Agent Cluster Installation


JAMS supports Windows Clusters in Active/Passive mode for the JAMSScheduler and JAMSExecutor services. The JAMSAgent and JAMSServer services can be configured in Active/Passive or Active/Active modes.

The following is a guide to installing JAMS Agents into Microsoft Cluster environments for high availability. 

Begin by first installing the JAMS Agent to each node within the MS Cluster. 

Next, add the JAMS Agent as a Generic Service within the High Availability Wizard. 

Select the JAMS Agent service to add.

Supply the name users will access this resource by - in this case Cluster1JAMS.


JAMS does not require any specific storage volume to be available. 

JAMS does not require any Registry settings to be replicated.


On the Summary page, select the View Report button to show you the steps taken to create the generic service resource.

The JAMS Agent service will now appear as an online resource within the MS Cluster Manager.

The Windows Network Name for the cluster is then used in the JAMS Agent list, and Windows will be responsible for which node in the cluster to run the job on.


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