Client GUI Settings


Client GUI Settings are preserved in .XML files found in: %LocalAppData%\MVP Systems, Inc\JAMS\X.X.X.

(Newer versions of JAMS store the .XML files here: %LocalAppData%\HelpSystems\JAMS\X.X.X.)

Users can replicate Settings from one Client to another by copying all of the flat files and saving them on the other machine(s). The JAMS Client must be closed when these files are copied to another location.

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    Helge Willum Thingvad

    I can locate the files, but they appear to no longer be in use, e.g. renaming the folder does not reset JAMS client settings. Are the settings now stored somewhere else?

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    Dan Fowle

    Hello Helge, in newer versions of JAMS, the Client settings .XML files may be stored here: %LocalAppData%\MVP Systems, Inc\JAMS\X.X.X. I have updated this article to reflect that change.

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    Helge Willum Thingvad

    I indeed found the active configuration files under the %LocalAppData%\HelpSystems folder.