Upgrading JAMS V5


 Upgrading JAMS V5:

The JAMS Scheduler for Windows can be upgraded directly over the top of an existing installation. Simply run the new installation executable and JAMS will upgrade any requisite components - including the database.

When performing the upgrade process, please note the following:

  • Download latest JAMS release from the Product Download Page. It is required to be logged in to access the Product Downloads.
  • Schedule the upgrade for a less busy time in the JAMS schedule.
  • Perform a backup of the JAMS Database.
  • During the upgrade, the JAMS installer will take care of stopping the appropriate JAMS services and bringing them back up once the upgrade has completed.
  • Ensure the user performing the upgrade has sysadmin (SA) rights to the database. This is important so that the database schema can be properly updated.

Once the JAMS Server has been upgraded, the same installation executable can be used to upgrade any JAMS Client installs. Simply choose to upgrade only the JAMS Client when presented with the list of JAMS Components. 

JAMS Agents can be upgraded by redeploying the Agents from the JAMS Client's "Agents" shortcut.

Upgrading JAMS V4.x to V5.x:

If upgrading from JAMS V4.x to JAMS V5.x, be sure that the JAMS Scheduler Server can have .NET 4.0 installed without any negative effects to other applications. The same holds true for JAMS Client machines. From there, upgrade the Scheduler and Client on the JAMS Scheduler Server and then upgrade all JAMS Clients on remote workstations. 

JAMS 4.9 Clients and Agents are compatible with JAMS 5.x Schedulers. However, it is recommended that the Agents be updated as well as there will be enhancements to the Agent operation in the latest versions.  JAMS Windows Agents require a minimum of .NET 2.0 to be installed on the Agent machine.

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