Creating a PowerShell profile


Users can create a PowerShell profile to set common PowerShell settings, such as automatically adding the JAMS PowerShell Module, defining the JAMS PowerShell drive, or defining the default JAMS Server.  Create a text file in C:\Users\Administrator\Documents\WindowsPowerShell\ called Profile.ps1.

Add the following to your PowerShell Profile:

$JAMSDefaultServer = "LocalHost"

Import-Module JAMS

New-PSDrive JD JAMS Localhost 

This will ensure that every script ran on this machine will have the JAMS module added to allow for the use of JAMS specific cmdlets.

By creating a JAMS specific PowerShell drive, it allows users to navigate the logical folder structure of JAMS as though a user were navigating through the operation systems folders.

Users can easily navigate into a respective JAMS Drive by typing "CD JD:\" within PowerShell or any of your scripts.

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