Getting started with PowerShell


PowerShell is Microsoft's scripting and command line environment. 

It is a powerful tool that will change the way users manage their Windows machines.  This article will help users get started using the JAMS PowerShell snap-in. Before using the JAMS PowerShell Module, it is necessary to first have PowerShell installed.

If PowerShell is not installed yet, Version 4.0 can be downloaded from:

Please note: This will require .NET 4.5 to be installed or the installer will silently fail.

Once PowerShell is installed, make sure that the JAMS PowerShell Module is installed. Before using a PowerShell Module, it is necessary to add it to the PowerShell environment. 

This can be performed easily by utilizing the Import-Module cmdlet. The JAMS Module can be added by simply running the following cmdlet in PowerShell:

PS C:\> Import-Module JAMS

To get a list of the commands in the JAMS Module, enter: 

PS C:> Get-Command -Module JAMS

To get help on any of those commands (or any other PowerShell command), you can utilize the following as an example for the Submit-JAMSEntry cmdlet:

PS C:\> Get-Help Submit-JAMSEntry
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