Getting started with PowerShell


PowerShell is Microsoft's new scripting and command line environment. 

It is a powerful tool that will change the way users manage their Windows machines.  This article will help users get started using the JAMS PowerShell snap-in.

Before using the JAMS PowerShell Snap-In or Module, it is necessary to first have PowerShell installed.

If PowerShell is not installed yet, Version 4.0 can be downloaded from:

Please note: This will require .NET 4.5 to be installed or the installer will silently fail.

Once PowerShell is installed, make sure that the JAMS PowerShell Module is installed. If the JAMS Client was installed before PowerShell, reinstall the JAMS Client to get the PowerShell Module.

Before using a PowerShell Module, it is necessary to add it to the PowerShell environment. 

This can be performed easily by utilizing the Import-Module cmdlet. The JAMS Module can be added by simply running the following cmdlet in PowerShell:


PS C:\> Import-Module JAMS


To get a list of the commands in the JAMS Module, enter: 


PS C:> Get-Command -Module JAMS


To get help on any of those commands (or any other PowerShell command), you can utilize the following as an example for the Submit-JAMSEntry cmdlet:


PS C:\> Get-Help Submit-JAMSEntry


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