Deploying JAMS Agents


The JAMS Primary Engine comes complete with the ability to remotely install a JAMS Agent on any machine.

Begin by navigating to the Agents Shortcut and clicking Add within the Ribbon Bar. This will open up the Add Agent Definition Wizard.


At the Agent Screen, you'll want to specify the Agent Node Name, IP or Host Name to Deploy the Agent to.

From here choose the platform the Agent will be running on.


By leaving the "Deploy JAMSAgent" box toggled, upon clicking Finish JAMS will automatically submit a Job to deploy the Agent to the remote machine.

If left unchecked the Agent Definition can be right-clicked to allow for a Push Deployment to begin. This same option can be utilized when updating Agent Nodes.

  • Note: The deployment user must be a local administrator on a Windows server, and must be root when deploying to Linux or Unix servers. The administrative users can be removed from JAMS after the deployment if you do not wish to store the credentials in JAMS.
  • Note: When first deploying an Agent to a Linux/Unix machine, the JAMSAgentX Job will fail the first time. This is because JAMS is initially caching the host fingerprint. Upon redeployment of the Agent, the Job will succeed, as the host fingerprint is now recognized.
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