Running SAS Jobs


JAMS can execute SAS programs with the Windows Command Procedure Execution Method. Below is an example of a SAS Job's Source:

  -autoexec d:\sas\
  -config d:\sas\
  -log d:\work\logs\pull_sample200102131244.log
  -sysin d:\YourDir\


Or, a custom Execution Method can also be created using the Command Execution Method as a base, then modifying the Command field in the Execution tab as shown below.

Make sure that Interactive is checked as SAS.exe does cause an interactive pop-up window to appear.

Note: You may have to start the Interactive Services Detection service in order for an interactive Job to work properly. 


Update the Command field of the SAS Execution Method. We recommend using the example command line in the Command field:


"C:\Program Files\SAS\SASfoundations\9.2\SAS.EXE" -SysIn "{0}" -config d:\sas\ -NOSPLASH

This allows the Source tab of a Job Definition to contain the contents of your SAS program.


Other SAS options are documented here.

SAS Projects (saved .EGP files) can be saved as Visual Basic scripts from the SAS Enterprise Guide and executed using the JAMS VBScript Execution Method as well.

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