Explanation of Job and Folder Properties with Regards to Inheritance or Override


The list of information below describes the how the information in a folder's properties is inherited by the job, and how the information set at the job level interacts with the information at the folder. This information could be combined, or overridden based on the field that is used.

  • Notify Names - Folder and Job Notify Names field information is combined, except for the Notify Job which is overridden at the job level.
  • Notify Options - The job level Notify Options override the options set at the folder level.
  • Resources - Resources are inherited by the job.  If job specific resources are added the requirements are combined.
  • Log Options - Log Options set at the job level override the log options set by the folder.
  • Recovery - Recovery options set on the folder are overridden by the job. However, the recovery instructions are combined with the recovery instructions at the folder.
  • Alerts - Alerts set at the folder level are inherited by the job and cannot be overridden at the job level.
  • Security - Security Access Control Lists set at the folder level are inherited by the job, and can be overridden using Deny access rights.  
  • Parameters set on the folder can be called by the job, or if the job contains the same parameter name the job can override its value. 

A Setup Job is the name for the reference of a Job within a Setup. Since a Setup Job is only a reference to the Job itself, Setup Jobs can have their own Setup Dependent Properties. Meaning, a Setup Job's Properties are independent of the Job's Properties. Setup Job Properties are only used within the Job that executes within the Setup. 

As such, multiple Setups can use the same Job, or even one Job multiple times in the same Setup. Each Setup with each Setup Job has its own Properties that act independently of each other.

The list below describes how the Properties of a Setup Job behave when they have Properties set, versus the Properties of the Job. Setup Dependent means that when a Setup Job has Properties set, it is unique to that Setup, it does not affect the Jobs Properties in any way.

  • Schedule Options - Does not override the Jobs default Schedule Options, but defines within the Setup when the Job can run. If the Setup runs Daily, and the Setup job is Scheduled only for Monday, the Setup Job will only run on Mondays.
  • Schedule options – Setup dependent.
  • Submit Options - Setup dependent.
  • Reports - Setup dependent.
  • Notify Names - Setup dependent.
  • Notify Options - Setup dependent.
  • Submit Times - Setup dependent.
  • Precheck Job - Setup dependent.
  • Recovery - Setup dependent.
  • Alerts - Inherited from folder.
  • Dependencies – Dependencies are honored from the setting on the original job.
  • Batch queue – Setup dependent.
  • Resources – Honored from original job or folder.
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