Common Log File Locations for HA Configuration


In a JAMS HA (Highly Available) configuration it is helpful to be able to keep logs within a central location.

JAMS can be configured to keep log files on a local disk during the Job Execution, and move the log file to a common, centralized location upon the Job completion.

To do this, add a Configuration item named CommonLogLocation in the Configuration Shortcut in the JAMS Client. Set the value to a common path that both the Primary and Secondary JAMS Servers can access.


When JAMS executes a Job, it starts with the value of the DefaultLogLocation Configuration item and upon Job completion, JAMS looks at the log file path, if it still starts with the value of the DefaultLogLocation and the value of CommonLogLocation is set, it replaces the default location with the common location and then moves the file.

When JAMS executes a Job, it will initially write the log to the "DefaultLogLocation." Upon completion JAMS will look to verify the CommonLogLocation and ship the Log there to ensure it's kept centrally. The History View and Monitor View will point to the Central location, upon completion of the Job.

Using JAMS Folder Properties, log files can be moved to a subdirectory within the common log location. As JAMS folders inherit the Master CommonLogLocation, only specify the sub directory in the Job Properties.

For example, to send all log files from JAMS Folder Accounting to:
Set the Log File Path on the Accounting Folder to:



The JAMS Scheduler Service will need access to this remote location; due to this it would be recommended to have this service running under the same Domain account on both the Primary and Secondary JAMS Servers.

Instructions on doing so can be found here.


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    Pat Marshall

    The path on the folder should not be predicated with a slash - it causes the scheduler to attempt to write to the root directory of an arbitrary disk, causing it to fail the setups and jobs. Additionally, the target directory must exist under both the DefaultLogLocation and CommonLogLocation in advance. The scheduler will not create the folders automatically.

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    Gennaro Piccolo

    Hello Pat, this is expected behavior. Our documentation has been updated, thanks for bringing this to our attention.