Uploading a file to Amazon S3


Through the Connect-JS3 PowerShell cmdlet, JAMS can connect to to an Amazon S3 bucket and allow you to upload or download files.

The following code snippet demonstrates how a file can be sent to S3 in conjunction with the Send-JFSItem cmdlet:

# First we'll grab our Stored Credentials from JAMS
$Credentials = Get-JAMSCredential AmazonAWS

# Connect to our S3 bucket
Connect-JS3 -Credential $Credentials -Bucket JAMS -Name JAMS

# Send the backup of our JAMS DB
Send-JFSItem C:\JAMS_DB_Backup.bak

# Disconnect and close the connection
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    Jonathan Brune

    This is great, but can I move a file from a remote ftp server directly to S3, or do I have to download it locally first?