How Are OpenVMS Jobs Authenticated When Using a Windows JAMS Scheduler?


On a JAMS Scheduler that is running on OpenVMS, passwords for Jobs are not required because there is an unbroken chain of trust already established within the OpenVMS system itself.

When a Job is created by an OpenVMS user their ability to Create and Edit jobs is defined within the OpenVMS security domain automatically.

When the JAMS Scheduler is running outside of OpenVMS, the OpenVMS Agent must demand some sort of credentials to prove that the external Scheduler should be permitted access.

JAMS on Windows stores all credentials in a SQL database that is accessible to Administrators and the credentials are encrypted using the Rijndael algorithm in JAMS V6, and the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) in JAMS V7.

The JAMS Agent for OpenVMS uses the OpenVMS ACME Subsystem to authenticate the credentials presented when a Job starts; specifically, we call the SYS$ACMW System Service.

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    Mitchell Bell

    So it seems we need to either have acme$latest_enable_agent_list "VMS" or define/system/exec jams_disable_acme 1 if you are running 4.3m