JAMSAgentX vs. SSH Connections


JAMS has the ability to execute Linux and UNIX scripts through the JAMSAgentX or agent-less through pure SSH connections. There are four basic advantages to using the JAMS AgentX. 

  1. The job can contain a script rather than a series of commands.  (i.e. , if statements, while loops, etc). The SSH execution method isn't able to run a job as though it were a script; it runs it line by line as if a user were typing it into the command line. JAMSAgentX runs jobs as a shell script; running it as a script makes it act the way most people expect it to. That’s the main purpose of JAMSAgentX.
  2. File based Trigger mechanisms require the JAMSAgentX.
  3. Better exception capturing of the job processes are provided by JAMSAgentX.
  4. Automatic re-connections are supported through JAMSAgentX. With SSH, if something fails and in turn causes the JAMS server to disconnect the job will be reported as failing. With JAMSAgentX, the job continues and JAMS reconnects as if nothing ever happened.
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  • Avatar
    Giovanni Usuelli

    Is it possible to run also from a windows server ?

  • Avatar
    Gennaro Piccolo

    Hello Giovanni, the SSH connection must be made from the Scheduler server.

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    Doreen Yau

    Is SSH connection the only agent-less method to run a job?

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    Gennaro Piccolo

    @Doreen - It is the only way to run an agentless Linux job, yes. There are other execution methods that do not require an agent. If you have further questions about this please submit a ticket and we can help answer any questions you have.