Exception:Job delete failed: This Job is still in the current schedule


While trying to delete a Job or Setup users may encounter the following error: 


This means that the job or setup is still in the monitor view, even after it has completed. Completed jobs will stay in the monitor view for 10 minutes by default.

The job will be swept out of the monitor view after 10 minutes by default.  This value is configured in the Configuration shortcut, as the KeepCompleted configuration item.

Users will need to wait the KeepCompleted time in order for the jobs in question to be removed from the monitor view.


If after this time the Job still has not left the Monitor View, users may want to check the Retain Options for the Job or Setup. Retain Options are configured at the Folder, Setup, Job, and Setup Job level under the Submit Options.

It is possible that custom Retain Options have been set which override the KeepCompleted value.

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