AuthorizationManager Check Failed


When running PowerShell scripts, users may encounter issues authorizing these scripts through Microsoft's Powershell Execution Policy. The following information from a job log indicates a failure to authorized a signed script:


AuthorizationManager check failed.

At C:\Program Files\MVPSI\JAMS\Agent\Temp\JAMSTemp4629D89.ps1:1 char:50

\\BRADY\E$\Scripts\Powershell\startup.ps1  <<<< \\BRADY\E$\Scripts\Powershell

Users should consider adjusting the Execution Policy, but if appropriate policy is already configured, it may indicate a problem loading the Microsoft profile for this user account.  It is recommended to log onto the target system using the JAMS service account (or User account from failed job if unique user account is specified) to ensure the Microsoft profile has been properly loaded. 

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