How can I search through all jobs at once?


A shortcut can be created with complete listing of jobs by adding a new shortcut to the shortcut bar.


  1. Under the Control group, right click, then click 'Add Shortcut'.
  2. Select icon type, give the shortcut a name, and the window a title, add a description if you wish.  Click next to proceed.
  3. Add the jobs view.  Select Setups to view all Setups, or a second shortcut for Setups can be created later.
  4. Set the properties for the view.  Filter by job name or leave as a wildcard, select the server or leave as Active Server.
  5. Click Finish to add the shortcut, or add another view, additional views will appear as tabs in the new shortcut window you create.
  6. The shortcut has been added.  Click the Query button on the top left to filter using wildcards.
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