Setting A JAMS Variable


There are many ways to set a JAMS Variable. If using the GUI interface, users can use the Definitions tab Variables shortcut.

If using PowerShell, users can set an existing JAMS Variables by doing:

Import-Module JAMS

Set-JAMSVariable MyVariableName "The New Value" 


If users are not using PowerShell, the use of the JAMS Legacy Command Line Tool can be used:

"C:\Program Files\MVPSI\JAMS\Client\JAMS.EXE" SET SERVER YourJAMSServer
"C:\Program Files\MVPSI\JAMS\Client\JAMS.EXE" SET VARIABLE MyVariableName "The New Value"


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    Tom Evers

    Can you specify a path to the variable you wish to set? If so can you add an example?

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    Gennaro Piccolo

    Hello Tom, you certainly can. You can specify the fully qualified path to the variable such as \MyFolder\MySubFolder\MyVar.

    For example:

    Set-JAMSVariable -Name \MyFolder\MySubFolder\MyVar -Value 123 -Server MyJAMSServer

    The legacy command tool JAMS.exe was not designed to be used with JAMS Folders, and so it can only set variables at the root folder level.