Automating a JD Edwards Job Within JAMS


Before users can begin automating JD Edwards jobs within JAMS, there are a few steps that must be taken.

  • The JDE Add-in must be installed on the JAMS Scheduler and the remote agent where runubexml.exe resides.
  • The JAMS Agent must also be installed on the remote machine where runubexml.exe resides.
  • Within the root installation directory (C:\Program Files\MVPSI\JAMS\Scheduler) of your JAMS installation, and also the root installation folder of the JAMS agent (C:\Program Files\MVPSI\JAMS\Agent) locate the file named JAMSJDEHost.dll.config.sample and ensure the proper connection string for the JDE database has been defined. The following example utilizes a Microsoft SQL instance:

NOTE: If the JD Edwards system is configured with an alias for the JDE Batch Server in the application, a key must be added to the JAMSJDEHost.dll.config file. Reference the individual alias as the value, like the example below.

<add key="ExeHost" value="MYJDEALIAS"/>

Additionally, if running JDE with an Oracle backend, users can provide an Oracle based connection string like the following example: 

        <add name="jdeSystem" connectionString="Data Source=E1PROD;User Id=SQLSysUser;
Password=Password;" providerName=""/>

Once the requirements for the connection string have been satisfied, be sure to rename the file upon saving to JAMSJDEHost.dll.config in order for JAMS to be able to pick up and read the configuration settings.

The binPath value must be set which is the location of runubexml.exe:

Example: E:\JDEdwards\E910\system\bin32

The Schema value must be set which may be unique to your environment:=

Example: SVM910

The Environment value can be configured here, additionally it can be done within the source of the job, or, using a Job Parameter named JDEEnvironment. This allows one scheduler to connect to multiple environments.

***Note:  This file must be adjusted on the Remote Agent side if JD Edwards jobs are running on a JAMS Remote Agent.***

The next step is to create a new job definition, setting the Execution Method as JDEjob. This jobs source will be a fill-in-the-blank form requiring various information necessary to automate the JDE jobs, as can be seen within the following example:

Lastly, modify the new Job Definitions Properties in order to define a Home Directory other than the default System32. Utilizing a directory such as C:\JAMS_TEMP\ as well as defining a User Account that has permissions to run this job on Windows is recommended (See Defining User Accounts in JAMS).

This user will be the user that is accessing the C:\JAMS_TEMP directory on the remote JDE batch server, as well as accessing the Master Control Database from within JDE if the Connection String is set for Integrated Security.

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