Configuring the SAP URL


For an SAP Job to execute, it must have a base URL that is used to construct a complete web service URL. In order to make it easy to promote a job from server to server (i.e. Test to Production), JAMS looks in the following places for the base URL:

  1. A Parameter in the Job definition named JAMSSAPUrl
  2. A Parameter in the Job's Execution Method named JAMSSAPUrl 
  3. A JAMS Variable named JAMSSAPUrl
  4. A tag in the JAMSHost.exe.config, or Common.config file named SAPUrl

The first value found will be used. The format of the base URL is: 



Replace "YourServerName:port" with the name or IP address and port of the SAP server.

At run time, JAMS will replace "{0}" with the name of the web service that will be called and "{1}" with the SAP Client.

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