How to Export JD Edwards Reports in CSV format


A parameter named JDECreateCSV can be added to allow JDE to export reports in CSV format.  The default value should be Boolean and when set to true, JAMS sets CREATE_CSV in the runubexml xml.

  • To handle the reports produced by a JD Edwards job, add a Report Definition to the JAMS Job in Properties > Reports. 
  • In the JAMS Report definition, users can set the "Print Form" to either PRINT or MAIL. If it is set to PRINT, users can also set the Print Queue, Copies and Print Qualifiers. 
  • JAMS then uses RUNUBEXML to ask JD Edwards to print the job. 
  • The Print Qualifiers value is passed to JD Edwards as the "Conversion Filter".
  • If the Print Form is set to MAIL, the Print Queue will set to the e-mail address where the report will be sent. The report is sent as an attachment.

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