Adding the Projected Schedule View (V6.1.281+)


As of JAMS V6.1.281, the Projected Schedule view was added. 

For users utilizing JAMS V6.1.280 and earlier, the upgrade to JAMS V6.1.281 will require a manual addition to the shortcut bar in order to use this functionality.

To add this shortcut, start by right-clicking on the Shortcut Bar and select "Add Shortcut":


Next, select an Icon and enter a Name, Title and Description for the Projected Schedule shortcut:


Select the "Projected Schedule" view from the list:


Next, define the properties for the view. For each view created, different Parameters can be set for projecting the Schedule (e.g. by Folder Name or by Job Name).



  • Select which JAMS server will be referenced in the Projected Schedule from the Server List, or select Active Server to automatically generate the Projected Schedule for whichever JAMS server is currently being viewed from within the JAMS client.
  • Use Current Schedule sets the Projected Schedule to show Jobs that are currently displayed within the Monitor View. This is based on the "ScheduleAdvance" setting in the Configuration shortcut.
  • Include Planned sets the Projected Schedule to include Jobs that have a "Schedule Date" defined, but do not yet have "Automatically Submit" checked in the "Schedule Options" of the Job.
  • Include Repeated sets the Projected Schedule to include the Jobs that are submitted based on their Recurrence options.


Finish by confirming the view creation. It is possible to go back and add additional views if desired or temporarily change these properties on the fly by utilizing the "Query" button from the Ribbon Bar. 


The Projected Schedule shortcut will now appear within the list of Shortcuts.

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