Push Deploy Windows Agent Using Local User Accounts


When deploying a remote JAMS Agent to a Windows server, the standard practice is to use a domain account user that exists with Administrator privileges on both the JAMS Primary Engine (Scheduler) and the remote JAMS Agent machine. However, if an environment that uses domain accounts does not exist, there are two options for setting up the remote JAMS Agent software for a Windows server:

1. Manual Installation


2. Registry change on Agent Machine
In order to allow the Push Deployment of the Windows JAMS Agent to a remote server, when not using domain accounts, first make sure that the JAMS Primary and remote Agent server both have the same user account with the same password, and are both Administrator accounts. Once complete, perform the following registry edit on the remote agent machine:

CAUTION: Improperly modifying the registry can harm your system. It is always recommended to back up your registry prior to making any changes.

1. Browse to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\system\
2. Right-click a blank area in the right pane
3. Click New
4. Click DWORD Value
5. Name it LocalAccountTokenFilterPolicy
6. Double-Click the item just created
7. Type 1 into the "Value Data" field
8. Click OK
9. Restart computer

The JAMS Agent can now be deployed to the remote machine.

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