Upgrading JAMS in a Highly Available Configuration


In order to upgrade JAMS running in a Highly Available configuration, please note:

  • As both the Active and Passive JAMS Servers are using the same database, it is necessary to stop the JAMS Services (JAMS Executor, JAMS Scheduler, and JAMS Server) on both servers prior to the upgrade. This will stop any currently executing Processes, so be sure to do this at a time when there are none executing.
  • Perform the upgrade on the Primary (Active) Server - this will upgrade the JAMS Server as well as the JAMS SQL Database.
  • Please ensure you stop the JAMS Services on the Primary as they will have started after the upgrade.
  • Perform the upgrade on the Secondary, ensuring you stop the Services again after the upgrade process.
  • Start the JAMS Services on the Primary Server followed by the Secondary. 
  • Go to About > JAMS Server > Status tab on both the Active and Secondary Servers via the JAMS Client. Ensure that each is listed as being in the correct mode (Primary or Failover). It may be necessary to scroll down in that window to see all of the information.

The following links contain additional information regarding the upgrade process for JAMS:






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