Upgrading from JAMS V5 to JAMS V6


Prior to upgrading JAMS from v5 to v6, please review the following requirements carefully:


  • SQL 2000 will no longer be supported for the JAMS database. JAMS V6 supports SQL 2005, 2008, 2012, 2014 and 2016.
  • Version 4.5 of the .NET Framework is required.
  • JAMS V5 Clients are not compatible with JAMS v6 Servers. This includes the GUI Client, PowerShell Provider as well as the .NET API via JAMSShr.dll.
  • PLEASE NOTE: If access to a JAMS V5 Server is still needed, the JAMS V6 installer also includes a JAMS V5.4 Client that can be installed. This Client will be installed in a new directory to allow for the simultaneous usage of both to connect to JAMS V6 and V5 Servers.
  • Agents are backwards compatible and will not require an immediate upgrade; however, updating the agents is recommended to ensure proper access and compatibility to all new features offered within JAMS V6.
  • The upgrade process will create a new JAMS SQL database for V6 and will leave the existing JAMS database in place. Once the upgrade is complete, any changes to the JAMS Job and Setup definitions will be made on the new JAMSV6 database. The previous database will not include any of these changes and will remain untouched.
  • JAMS Systems have changed and are now Folders. Folders in JAMS V6 serve a similar purpose as Systems in earlier versions of JAMS, though allowing a greater degree of organizational structure. In JAMS V6 it is now possible to have multiple levels of Folders and Sub-Folders. In addition to Jobs and Setups, Triggers and Variables are now stored within Folders and upon upgrade will be found within the root Folder.
  • When the JAMS V5 Client is upgraded to V6, any custom Groups and Shortcuts that were created for that specific Client will be lost and will need to be recreated.
  • To view more information on the exciting new features that are now available in JAMS V6, please visit our “New Features in JAMS V6.2” page on the homepage.
  • It is recommended that you place any scheduled Jobs or Setups on hold, and/or to stop any Batch Queues you may have in place so that no jobs are interrupted during or after the upgrade process.
  • Please also note that the installation package will have to be run with a user account with sysadmin (SA) access to your SQL instance to allow for the new JAMSV6 database and schema updates to be performed.



PowerShell Scripts in JAMS V6:

Current JAMS PowerShell scripts will continue to work unless there is a change in the path to a JAMS object. Prior to V6, JAMS had a number of simulated folders. 
For example, in JAMS V5, to access a Trigger, the path might be:




The Triggers portion of that path represents a simulated folder. The conversion process puts all triggers into the root Folder. Variables will be converted in the same manner. If you use these paths in PowerShell scripts, you can create JAMS Folders named Triggers and Variables and move your Trigger and Variable definitions into them. This will maintain the functionality of your existing PowerShell scripts.
Systems, Jobs and Setups within JAMS will also be updated. In V5, you could access a Job as:




The Systems and Jobs folders were both simulated. In V6, the same Job is accessed with the path:




Users that would like to retain the V5 syntax have the option to create a Folder named Systems, move their MySystem Folder into it as a Sub-Folder, create a Jobs Sub-Folder within and then lastly move the Jobs to that final Sub-Folder.
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