How to configure JAMS to display an interactive window while running a job


In most cases, a JAMS job will be run as a background process, but there may be cases where a user will need an interactive window to be displayed.

If this is required, an existing or new execution method can be created to allow for this functionality. 

Modify an existing Execution Method

  • Click on Execution Methods in the shortcut bar on the left hand side of the JAMS client window.
  • Double click on the Execution Method to be modified, in most cases, this will be the Command Execution Method.
  • Select the Properties tab and check the box for the Interactive option, then Save and Close the window using the circle with the check mark within it.
  • Note this will affect all jobs currently utilizing this Execution Method


Create a new Execution Method with the Interactive feature enabled

  • Open the Execution Methods shortcut from the shortcut bar on the left hand side of the JAMS client window.
  • Click Add in the control bar to add a new Execution Method.
  • In the Add an Execution Method dialog, set the Name, Description, and Base Method as desired. Ensure Edit After Adding is checked, then click Ok.
  • The Execution Method Definition will open. Select the Properties Tab, then enable the Interactive Option.
  • Save and Close the Execution Method.

Add a new Job with this Execution Method

  • Create a new Job in the desired Folder. Define the Name, Description and optional schedule as desired.
  • Set the Execution Method to the newly created Interactive Execution Method.
  • Click Ok, then set additional properties and source on the Job as desired.
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