Upgrading JAMS V7


Are you upgrading a JAMS V6 instance to JAMS V7?

Please review the Upgrading from JAMS V6.X to JAMS 7.1.557 or higher article (login required). Contact JAMS Support or your account representative if you have additional questions.


  1. The SQL Server instance must have the Full-Text and Semantic Extractions for Search option installed. If the Full-Text and Semantic Search option is not installed, the JAMS installer will display a message and will be unable to continue the installation. For more information, see Installing Full-Text and Semantic Search in SQL Server.
  2. The JAMS Client, JAMS Scheduler, and JAMS Windows Agent require .NET Framework 4.8. If it is not installed, the JAMS installer displays a message and attempts to install the correct version.
  3. JAMS Agents must be running JAMS V7.0.1441 or higher to be fully compatible with later JAMS releases. See the JAMS Agent - Upgrade Information section below for additional compatibility  details. 
  4. Ensure all Agents are upgraded to V7.0.1441 or higher before upgrading the JAMS Scheduler.
  5. Verify the user performing the upgrade has sysadmin (SA) rights to the database as this access is needed to properly update the database schema. 
  6. Back up the JAMS Database.


Important Upgrade Information 

When performing the upgrade process, note the following:

  • Download the latest JAMS release.
  • Schedule a Maintenance Window, and wait for any executing Jobs to finish before starting a JAMS upgrade.
    • There should not be any Jobs running during any upgrade from V7.X to V7.X.
    • For instructions on creating a Maintenance Window, see the Creating a Maintenance Window article.
  • Back up the JAMS Database.
  • Always run the JAMS Installer as an Administrator. For more instructions on installation, read the JAMS Installation Guide
  • During the upgrade, the JAMS installer will stop the appropriate JAMS Services. After the upgrade has completed, the JAMS Services will be restarted. 



  • If the JAMS Services were configured to run as a Domain account before the install took place, the JAMS Server and JAMS Scheduler service must be set back to run as the domain account. Windows will reset the JAMS Services to run as Local System when the services are updated. Follow this link to ensure the steps are taken for the domain account to have proper provisions to the JAMS application: Change the Account Running JAMS
  • If the Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2 or earlier add-on is being used, the relevant Dynamics AX MSI(s) for your environment must be re-installed. See the Microsoft Dynamics AX Add-ons - 2012 R2 and Earlier article.
  • If Windows Authentication is being used in the Web Client, the authentication mode will need to be re-specified in the Web.config. See the Windows Authentication in the JAMS Web Client article. 


JAMS Scheduler - Upgrading Information 

The JAMS Scheduler for Windows can be upgraded directly over an existing JAMS V7 installation. Run the new installation executable and JAMS will upgrade any requisite components - including the database.

NOTE: If you are using a V7.3 Client or higher to connect to a V7.2 Scheduler/Server, the Explore JAMS section on the Home page for the V7.2 Scheduler/Server will be unavailable from the Client. Upgrade the Scheduler/Server to V7.3 or higher to view the Explore JAMS section.

NOTE: Clearing the check boxes for previously installed components in the executable will uninstall those components.


JAMS Client - Upgrade Information 

NOTE: If you are using JAMS V7.2.632 or older for the InformaticaCloud Execution Method, it is recommended that you upgrade the JAMS Client and JAMS Scheduler to the latest version to use the new optimization improvements. To edit Informatica Cloud Jobs, the JAMS Client must be upgraded if it connects to a JAMS Scheduler that has been upgraded to the latest version. After you upgrade, you will need to edit each existing Informatica Cloud Job as follows:

  • Reselect your task in the Task drop-down on the Source tab. (Select a different task, and then select the original task.)
  • Save the Job.

NOTE: The SAPJobV2 Execution Method requires the JAMS Client to run the same or newer version of JAMS as the JAMS Scheduler to use new properties that are added in the new version. If the JAMS Client is running an older version than the JAMS Scheduler, you will see an error message when modifying a Job that has the new properties. If that occurs, upgrade your JAMS Client.

NOTE: For the Banner integration, a JAMS V7.1/7.2 Client or Agent cannot be used with a JAMS V7.3 or higher Scheduler. Upgrade the JAMS Client or Agent to V7.3 or higher to use the Banner Integration.

NOTE: The following Sequence Tasks require the JAMS Client, JAMS Agent, and JAMS Scheduler to be updated to the same version: Automate, Command Script, Oracle, SAP, Banner, and Event Tasks. If an older JAMS Client or JAMS Agent is used with a newer JAMS Scheduler, you may see an error message and you may be unable to edit the Task. If this occurs, upgrade the JAMS Client or JAMS Agent.

NOTE: JAMS V7.1.557 includes enhancements to the Submit Job Task that have limited functionality when you edit a Sequence with an older JAMS Client. For example, some properties of the new Submit Job Task cannot be seen or modified with an older JAMS Client. You can continue to use older JAMS Clients for other features of JAMS, but we recommend upgrading to V7.1.557 or higher to edit Submit Job Tasks in a Sequence. 

After the JAMS Server has been upgraded, the same installation executable can be used to upgrade any JAMS Client installs.

When presented with the list of JAMS Components, choose to upgrade only the JAMS Client when presented with the list of JAMS Components. 


JAMS Agent - Upgrade Information  

NOTE: When you upgrade to V7.1.579 or higher, you need to update the JAMS Agents to V7.1.579 or higher if you are using a Sequence with any of the following:

  • An override property.
  • A binding on an inherited property.
  • A binding on a Credential.

JAMS Agents can be upgraded by redeploying the Agents from the JAMS Client's Agents shortcut.

After upgrading JAMS, users may review their DBUpdate.log file, located at the following:

C:\Program Files\MVPSI\JAMS\Scheduler\DBUpdate.log by default. 


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