Using the SQL Server Agent Conversion Utility


SQL Agent Jobs Shortcut

The SQL Agent Jobs shortcut is used to view information about the SQL Server Agent Jobs located on the computer running the JAMS Client, as well as Jobs located on other servers.

Task Scheduler jobs may also be converted from the Scheduled Tasks shortcut; directions for doing so are provided here.

Displaying Jobs

To view the Jobs installed on the current machine, simply select the SQL Agent Jobs shortcut from the Shortcuts. By default, this will display all the SQL Agent Jobs currently configured on the local machine. If no Jobs are displayed, there may not be any SQL Agent Jobs configured on the current machine.

To display the configured Jobs on a remote machine, click on the Query button within the Control Bar and enter the Server Name and proper form of authentication. 

Press OK. The Jobs on the remote machine will be displayed. If no Jobs are displayed, ensure that there are SQL Agent Jobs present on the remote instance.

Scheduler Versions

There are two supported versions of Windows Scheduler. The version in use is determined by the Operating system on which the JAMS Client is installed. If the Client is running on Windows Vista or Server 2008, then it will be able to access Task information from other machines running Vista or Server 2008. It will also be able to access Tasks from machines running Windows XP or Server 2003.

However, if the Client is running on Windows XP or Server 2003, it will only be able to access Task information from other machines running XP or Server 2003. The libraries required to access Tasks on Vista and Server 2008 machines are not present, and therefore, no Task information can be retrieved from these servers.

Converting Jobs

It is very easy to convert a SQL Server Agent Job to a JAMS Job. Simply select a Job from the Job list, right-click, and choose the Convert option. You can also use the Convert to JAMS button in the Control Bar.

NOTE: SQL Agent Job conversion requires a connection to a JAMS Scheduler. The free version of JAMS does not support converting SQL Agent Jobs to JAMS Jobs. A licensed version of JAMS is required.

The Conversion Wizard will open, which walks through all the steps required to convert an Agent Job to a JAMS job. On each step of the wizard, fields will be pre-populated with information from the selected SQL Agent Job. You can then change the retrieved information before the new JAMS Job is created.

Since some SQL Agent Jobs will contain multiple Job Steps, these Agent Jobs will be converted to a JAMS Sequence, with two or more Jobs.

It is also possible to convert multiple SQL Agent Jobs at the same time. Just select several Agent Jobs from the Jobs list and click the Convert to JAMS button. This will start the Wizard for converting multiple Jobs. The first few steps will prompt for information common to all of the Jobs selected for conversion. The Wizard will then attempt to convert all of the selected Jobs to JAMS Jobs.

Other Actions

SQL Agent Jobs can also be started, stopped, and deleted from the SQL Agent instance. Simply select a Job from the Job list and click the appropriate button on the Ribbon Bar.

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