Alerts in JAMS

Alerts in JAMS are stored as Elements on the Folder or Job Definition level. 
These Alert Elements are easily customized by modifying their Properties.
By default, preconfigured alerts are located on the Root Folder level. To view the preconfigured alerts, Right-Click the root folder, select Properties from the drop-down list to open the Folder Properties, then navigate to the Elements tab.
To modify the individual properties of an element, either double-click the desired Element, or select the Element and then click the Properties... button.

The following Property Types are available in any Send E-mail Element:

  • Events: This contains a listing of events that should set off the e-mail alert.
  • E-Mail: In this section, the email alert is constructed by defining a recipient and sender in the To Address and From Address fields respectively. The alert can be customized by modifying the Subject and Message Body of the email. Notice that there are JAMS parameters parsed within the Subject field of any preconfigured Send e-mail element.  
    • These Parameters are Native JAMS Variables that are automatically parsed by JAMS
  • Status: When enabled, the Send e-mail Element is active and will cause E-mail alerts to send.

A Send e-mail Element may be set at any folder, including the root folder, and will be inherited by subsequent folders and Jobs. 


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