Using the SetJAMSAccessControl Job to quickly configure Security



The SetJAMSAccessControl Job can be found in the JAMS Folder, in Versions 6.5.18 and up. 

What it Does:

The SetJAMSAccessControl Job sets the recommended Access Control security in JAMS. Access Control security can be found on the JAMS Ribbon Bar, from the Access Control button.

How it works:

When the SetJAMSAccessControl Job runs, it sets the Access Control security to the recommended settings for each group. An overview of the recommended group security settings and options can be found in the JAMS Documentation.

WARNING: SetJAMSAccessControl will wipe out existing Access Control security settings and replace them with the values set in the SetJAMSAccessControl Job each time the Job is run. 

How to configure this Job:

  1. Open the JAMS Folder and view the Job Definitions.
  2. Right Click on the SetJAMSAccessControl Job and select Properties from the drop-down list.
  3. If custom security settings should be set, open the Source tab and configure the security settings for the relevant group on the given object. In the example below, the Folder Delete option for the Developers group is selected. Removing this option and then running the SetJAMSAccessControl Job would restrict users in the Developers group from deleting Folders.
  4. Select the Parameters Tab to view the Parameters that should be set before running the Job. While Parameters may also be set in the Submit Window upon submission of the Job, users are recommended to set the Default Parameter Values on the Job to ensure accuracy.
  5. Set the Parameter default values as outlined:
    • DomainName – Set to the relevant Domain. In the example, the domain is WidgetCo.
    • AdminGroupName – Enter the Active Directory name of the Group that should have full access to all of JAMS. No security restrictions will be put on this group. 
      Note that this value must be entered as "Domain\Group".
    • DeveloperGroupName – Enter the Active Directory name of the Developers Group. Just enter the group name, as the domain is already set.
    • DubmitterGroupName - Enter the Active Directory name of the Submitter Group. Use only the group name, as the domain is already set.
    • InquirerGroupName - Enter the Active Directory name of the Inquirer Group. Use only the group name, as the domain is already set.
  6. With Parameters configured, select the Properties tab and navigate to the Submit Options section.
  7. Set This Job's Username to a user that has Administrator permissions.
  8. Save and Close the Job.
  9. Submit the Job to configure group Security. The Job will take a few minutes to complete.
  10. Review the Log of the completed SetJAMSAccessControl Job.


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