Restore Missing Panels in the Workflow Source Editor


Some users may experience missing or closed Properties, Outline, or Toolbox panels in the Workflow Source Editor. To restore the Toolbox, Outline, or Properties panels, follow the instructions below.

So, why does this happen?

Panels may be missing from the Workflow Source Editor because the panel was closed in JAMS, or if the panel was removed from the visible area of the Workflow Source Editor. Closing a panel removes it from the Workflow Source Editor. Re-opening the Workflow Source Editor will not cause closed panel to re-appear.

Resolve this issue

To resolve this issue, users must re-add the removed panel. The instructions below detail the process for reinstating any panel, and how to find panels that may be outside of the visible Source Editor area.

Restore a Removed Panel

  1. Open the Job Properties of any Workflow Job and select the Source tab.
  2. The Workflow Source Editor will appear. If any of the panels are missing (Properties, Outline, or Toolbox), Right Click on the blue box surrounding the Workflow Source Editor to reveal the Closed Panels pop-up.
  3. Click on the Closed Panels pop-up to activate the Closed Panels header.
  4. Click on Properties, Outline, or Toolbox in the Closed Panels header to open the relevant panel. If a panel is open in the Workflow Source Editor, it will not be present in the Closed Panels header.
  5. To pin any panel, click-and-drag the relevant panel to the desired location. Multiple pin location options are available.
  6. In some cases, a panel will not be listed in the Closed Panels header, and cannot be seen in the source of the workflow. This means the panel exists outside of the active source view. In the example below, the Toolbox panel exists outside of the active Source view.
  7. To find the missing panel, expand the Job Properties dialog until the panel is located.
  8. Pin the panel (See step 5) to prevent this issue.
  9. Save and Close the Job Definition.
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    Johan Heedfeld

    I have this issue described above, but don't manage to get the Toolbox or Properties panels back. The tricks described do not work. Is there something else I could do ?
    Thanks !
    Johan Heedfeld

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    Johan Heedfeld

    Finally I managed to make the panels reappear, sorry for having bothered.
    Johan Heedfeld