How do I contact the JAMS Support Team?


How do I Contact the JAMS Support Team?

JAMS customers, visitors, and those evaluating JAMS, have numerous options available to communicate with the JAMS Support Team.

The JAMS Support Team is available 24/7 to assist you with questions and concerns.

Select your preferred communication method from the options below to learn more.

Chat Online  

Chat from the JAMS Support Site,

  1. Start Your Chat. ChatWithUs.png
  2. Introduce Yourself. IntroYourself.png

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Chat from the JAMS Main Site,

  1. Select "Help". ChatMainSiteHelp.png
  2. Introduce Yourself. IntroYourself.png

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Submit and Track Online  

Existing Users - Access Support Site from the JAMS Support Site

  1. Access "Sign in to JAMS". SignIn.png
  2. Existing Users - Sign in to JAMS. SignintoJAMS.png
  3. Submit or View Your Profile. SubmitAccessProfile.png
  4. Submit a request. SubmitARequest.png
  5. Review Request. ReviewSubmitRequest.png


New to JAMS? - Create a Support Site Profile from the JAMS Support Site

  1. Access register information. NewtoJAMSSignIn.png
  2. Sign up. SignUpForJAMS.png
  3. Receive Confirmation. SignUpComplete.png
  4. Create Password. SecretPassword.png
  5. Log in. SignintoJAMS.png
  6. Submit a Request. SubmitARequest.png
  7. Review Request. ReviewSubmitRequest.png


Create a Ticket from JAMS Web Client Session

When using the JAMS Web Client, contacting our Support Engineers is as easy as clicking on an icon!

Using the example of creating a Windows Job with a "Naming conflict" error, the following will occur:

  1. Error messages are typically seen in the lower right hand corner. ErrorMessage.png
  2. Error and Message Window. ErrorDetailsWindow.png
  3. Review the "Notifications" details by selecting the "See all Notifications" tab. This information will be included within your Support request.

  4. You have the option to either view "Detail" or "Contact Support". DetailOrContactSupport.png
  5. Select the "Contact Support" icon from the JAMS Web Client toolbar. ContactSupportWebClientToolBarIcon.png
  6. The "Contact Support" window will open to the "Contact Information tab. Complete the listed fields.
  7. Select the "Error Information" tab to include additional information.


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Need Immediate Assistance?


Having a critical production issue and need help immediately?

  • Contact your JAMS Support team using our toll-free 800 number 1-800-261-5267, option 2.

Have a license-related question?  

  • Contact your Account Representative and the JAMS Sales team using our toll-free 800 number 1-800-261-5267, option 1.

When calling Support, it's beneficial to have the following information ready:

  • Your Name
  • Your E-Mail Address
  • Your Company Name
  • The issue you are experiencing, and when the issue started
  • The version of JAMS running in your environment

You will have the option to leave a message for our Support Engineers. When leaving a message, please speak loudly and clearly stating your name, the name of your company, the issue you are experiencing, and the best number to reach you. Support Engineers are available 24x7 to assist with your production concerns.

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Access JAMS Self-Help Options 

JAMS User Forums

Looking to share information with other JAMS users, or get some peer advice?

The JAMS User Forums offer the chance for you to make posts and respond to other JAMS users.



Users may also submit Comments at the bottom of most Knowledge base Articles. Comments.png

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