JAMS and Docker Containers


JAMS users can leverage Docker containers to deploy JAMS Agents via a Dockerfile.

Deploying JAMS Agents on Windows with Docker

About the Dockerfile:

The Windows Agent Deployment Dockerfile creates an image running the x64 JAMS Agent, handles the creation of a Run As user, and grants proper Logon as Batch rights via Carbon (a 3rd party PowerShell module).

This Dockerfile references an Agent download from Amazon S3 on line 6. Users are recommended to utilize an Agent Installation within their own JAMS environment.

Users are recommended to change the Run-As username (jamsuser) and password (jamspass1!) in the Dockerfile prior to building the image. The username and password defined on line 9 are intended to serve as an example, or for initial testing purposes.

Get the Dockerfile for Windows Agent Deployment

More information on JAMS and Docker is available from the JAMS Docker Repository.


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  • Avatar
    Mike Hanft

    Will this allow the creation of a trigger job if a specific file is in the container?

  • Avatar
    Gennaro Piccolo

    Assuming the agent can access the file then yes, that is correct.