JAMS V7.0 Graphical Enhancements


The JAMS Team has created stellar GUI enhancements with JAMS V7.0, including Themes, Visual Inheritance, and Streamlined Dialogs. Find out more about the enhancements in this article.

JAMS V7.0 GUI Enhancements


New Themes

JAMS V7.0 includes more than 10 optimized JAMS themes. These can be used by changing the Server Theme in the JAMS Client.

Change the Theme of your JAMS Client

  1. In the JAMS Client, open the Configuration shortcut.
  2. Navigate to the Presentation tab.
  3. Click on the listed Light or Dark Theme, then select the desired theme from the drop-down list.
  4. When the themes are set as desired, click out of the drop-down lists, then click Save from the control bar.
  5. Restart the JAMS Client. The new themes will now be applied. In the example below, the theme is Lapis.


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Contextual Control Bar

JAMS V7 introduces the contextual control bar, which gives users smart options in a modern layout. The Contextual Control Bar will only show the relevant options for a given shortcut view or selected item.


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Informational Bar

JAMS V7 includes the new Informational Bar, which contains useful information such as the Server Drop Down, JAMS Help resources, Server Information, the check-engine light, and the Light/Dark Theme toggle.


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Replaced Wizards with Dialog Boxes

In JAMS V7, streamlined dialog boxes replace wizards throughout JAMS, providing just the right amount of information while speeding up your daily JAMS use. The example below is the Add a New JAMS Job Definition dialog, a single window which replaces an eight step wizard for Job creation.


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Added Visual Inheritance Representation

In JAMS V7, inherited elements and properties will display in Bold when they are overridden. In the sample below, a Schedule Trigger inherited from the folder has been overridden to run at 4:00 AM.


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